Here are the available coupon codes, promotions and deals for 2015 to help you save, and then a review of this very popular brand of e-cigs, vaporizers and e-juice.

The 2016 South Beach Smoke Promo Codes That Are Available:

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international vapor groupInternational Vapor Group (IVG) owns three e cig companies. Their latest is VaporFi, and before that was Nutricig. Eversmoke was their second brand and the first was South Beach Smoke.

South Beach Smoke was among the pioneers of 2-piece electronic cigarettes. But since becoming one of the first, they have continued to hold a place in the hearts of American consumers. Whatever they are doing at IVG, they are doing it well: three of their brands are among American top sellers.

southbeachsmoke.comSouth Beach Smoke Review & Coupon Code

A change of logo ushered in a new era at South Beach Smoke. The new film noir style with block, 3-D lettering is stylish and memorable.

Where the first wave of products celebrated vaping in a style reminiscent of old-fashioned cigarettes, their old-style lettering only slightly pre-dates the introduction of a new type of e cig in their catalogue: the Air. To accompany the Air, they also carry e liquid branded “South Beach Smoke,” but really made by VaporFi in the US.

All of those facts are important to the continued success of South Beach Smoke. They have kept up with the times by introducing a more powerful vaping pen than the mini cig they started out with. You can find a promo code for this above.

This enables South Beach Smoke customers to remain with the company that has provided excellent service and products while encountering the benefits of longer batteries offering extra power.

The introduction of e liquid augments their capacity to satisfy customers.

South Beach Smoke e liquid

Without it, clients would be drawn to other websites with their own e liquid and different brands of e cigarettes. IVG made a smart move, not only by adding e liquid to the site but ensuring it was American-made.

South Beach Smoke Coupon Code For Starter Kits

The company introduced starter kits for people on a budget, people who want accessories and know the value of a bundle, and for couples. Their starter kits provide excellent value for money.

To prove that to yourself, combine the price of each piece as it is labeled in the accessories department. You find the price is excellent when compared to these costs.

The first starter kit is the Reusable Express kit for $21.99 with a South Beach Smoke coupon.

Reusable Express Kit

The cost covers a USB charger, 1 battery, and two cartridges. The Reusable Express kit acts as a rechargeable introduction to vaping and to the brand.

The second kit, a Deluxe for $59.99 with a promo code, gets right down to business.

South Beach Deluxe Kit

With two batteries, you have enough power for a vaping session. Meanwhile, a second battery is charging. Many companies package only 5 cartridges with their 2-battery kit, so you are receiving double the load. But it’s still a pricey 2-battery kit by at least $5. At South Beach Smoke, they make up for the high price with a better battery; one that has been praised up and down the country and around the world.

For a bigger selection of accessories, a Deluxe Plus supplies a power cig as well as two batteries.

South Beach Deluxe Plus

The power cig is one you use the whole time it is plugged into USB outlet. It is not a rechargeable battery, yet operates like one in the sense that you can use it multiple times.

It’s an excellent item for conserving batteries and using while you sit at your computer. Individuals who work at a laptop and would have smoked during those times make great use of a power cig. The kit also contains a car charger and a carry case.

Again, the car charger makes life so much easier for consumers, offering another way to draw power when they are away from an outlet.

For husbands and wives (or boyfriends and girlfriends) the Couples Combo is really great value, doubling the Deluxe Kit for a little under half the price and adding car chargers.

South Beach Deluxe Couples Combo

If you are planning ahead for the day when you will require new batteries, you don’t have to be one of a vaping couple to make use of this kit.

A final kit, the Deluxe Ultimate, comes with a third battery. And you can save money on all of these options with the correct South Beach Smoke promo code.

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Ultimate Kit

While the Deluxe features one large and one regular battery, this one comes with two large batteries and one small; two automatic and one manual. It also features a PCC or portable charging case.

What’s the point of a portable charging case?

You soon find that smoking had its advantages compared with using rechargeable batteries, namely not having to recharge them. With the PCC, your range of motion with a cigarette becomes wider.

There’s no need to remain near a USB outlet or a mains power source; not even a car. If you are gone somewhere for an entire day and are using one battery, the other can be charging in the PCC wherever you are.

A lot of companies offer a PCC kit, including V2 Cigs and Volcano, so it’s not unique. Its inclusion, however, is wise. Adding such a lot of gear to the Deluxe Ultimate necessitated raising the cost of a kit to $159.99 (it also comes with 20 cartomizers), but to a mobile vapor all of the chargers are worth having.

Coupon Codes For Cartridges

I’ll just say a word about cartridges. I love the starter kits for their variety and flexibility, but I am not crazy about the cartridge set up for two reasons.

For one thing, you have to buy packages in increments of 15 at a time. Secondly, they cost $13.33 each and even as much as $14.99 each – or even less with coupon codes. Their flavors are good and they’ve got 16 of them, but I would like to see a price drop.

At the same time, with the 20% discount with the Home Delivery program, and other coupon codes and promotions offered by South Beach Smoke, it is a great value!