When South Beach Smoke introduced vaporizers to their catalogue alongside mini cigs, this made the vaping world sit up and take notice. South Beach Smoke was going to compete with Vaporfi and Eonsmoke?

Customers would be able to graduate from e cigs to vaporizers without changing brand loyalty and use points from their cartridges and e cig batteries to buy more powerful equipment which was great news. Then South Beach Smoke took their products to a new level with the Custom Vaporizer Builder.

This was the first such offering of its kind. Vaporfi caught up, but they took their time. Anyway, this isn’t just the first; it is the most varied selection of possible colors and shapes of the two customizable systems. Although Vaporfi can provide more powerful equipment, if you want a personalized eGo kit you should be shopping at South Beach Smoke.

Features of the Builder

Select a battery and the program will automatically indicate which are the compatible tanks. You receive a battery, tank, atomizer, and USB charger while more atomizer heads and an AC wall adapter are optional. For more details about the models in their Custom Vaporizer Builder, go to their vaporizer section and read up on the Storm and Curve eGos as well as the Thunder APV.

Choices from the Program

We’ll start with colors of which there are many, and not just solid shades. You could wind up with a camouflage pattern, at least on one half of your pen. If you just want a pen all in camo, then purchase the starter kit for a Storm EVOD-style vaporizer. Otherwise, mix and match according to colors and technical specifications.

Vaping Models

The Custom Builder allows vapers to mix parts from the Storm, Curve, and Thunder, all of them suited to intermediate vapers, although the Storm and Curve are easy enough for a new vaper to operate. Opt for 650mAh, 1100mAh, a battery with an LCD screen, one with variable voltage, or 1300mAh.

Next, add a tank from one of the three systems which are also available as separate kits from South Beach Smoke. Under each item, customers see a price and also a link to more details about their power rating, voltage, and size.

Next, vapers are asked to choose a color and then a tank. There are several options like the VaporFlo, a simple clearomizer, and Storm or Curve tanks. When you select a battery, the program will determine which are the compatible tanks and only offer those.

On the Right

Look right and you will see a sidebar where your vaporizer pen is taking shape. The sidebar shows what each part looks like individually or when it is put together with its partner. View the appearance of a combo; its shape and aesthetic.

This is how to prevent ordering something which, though it looks great in your mind, is hideous in reality. Pricing also changes as you build the set. You aren’t saving anything by creating a kit this way but the set will look exactly as you wish.

Add Stuff

Now that you have chosen a combo, pick out optional extras if you want them such as more coil heads. Head to the e juice section in search of flavors or continue to get exactly what you want.

Customize your e juice by building a flavor from the combination of two or three pre-made styles. At South Beach Smoke they like to be agile and accommodate their customers’ whims. E juice by the bottle costs $15.99 for 30 ml and is suitable for all coils.

Their e liquid is made in a regulated and supervised lab from recipes that have been registered with the FDA. South Beach Smoke also supplies reward points which customers can use to lower the price of e juice, coils, and replacement batteries or tanks.