Competition is tough in the e cig market, so companies are doing what they can to get customers’ attention. There have to be incentives for clients to purchase mini cigs or Egos and e juice from one brand rather than another. What can South Beach Smoke offer? They give potential customers plenty of reasons to shop with them.

South Beach Deluxe PlusSouth Beach Smoke Kits

One of the many things vapers love about South Beach Smoke is their starter kits: low-cost packages which bring the cost of an entire set down by 20% or so. Get a great starter set that contains all the things you need, including essentials such as batteries and chargers.

Vaporizer sets also qualify for savings. Bundles are cheaper than ordering parts one by one, but the news gets better.

South Beach Smoke has reduced prices for their kits. Take $15 off the price of a Storm or Curve set. The Air is now $8 cheaper than before. With the Thunder, South Beach Smoke reduces the price by $25. You can use your savings to order e liquid in 30-ml bottles.

Customize your Kit

Take the South Beach Smoke Custom Vaporizer Builder challenge and make your own set. There isn’t a price cut like you get with starter kits, but this is a way to build exactly the set you want. Choose a battery and clearomizer that were not made for each other, but which fit perfectly together.

Customize your Juice

Buy e juice and have it made to order. That includes choosing your nicotine level but also up to three flavors. Select three shots of one, two shots of one and a second flavor, or three completely different tastes to establish a unique combination suited specifically to your taste buds.

Volume Vapers

Bulk orders save South Beach Smoke money, but customers can also take advantage of deals on volume sales. Order cartomizers for your e cig system in large quantities and the price of each pack comes down a little at a time.

Make an even bigger deal by signing up for the home delivery service. Your choice of flavor or flavors will arrive regularly without you having to renew the order every month or so. South Beach Smoke rewards customers who apply for home delivery by giving them even more discounts.

Rewards Program

Do you like to write reviews? Are you social on the web? Make your writing skills and Facebook account work for you. Share a purchase. Follow and “like” South Beach Smoke. Write a review. Keep buying things.

Refer a friend to South Beach Smoke and if she buys something you get points. All of these activities help you to gain reward points which you can turn around and spend at the South Beach Smoke website on further vaping products.